Mint price has been reduced!

We’ve listened to our communities input and have decided to drop the mint price of each dog to 90 $ROSE per dog. The new price is now updated in the smart contract. 

Everyone who already minted a dog will be airdropped another dog for every dog they minted. For example, if you minted 2 dogs you’ll receive another 2! I’ve already taken a snapshot of all of the holders and we’ll begin sending them out later today. I ask everyone has patience because we will be sending out the dogs manually(no script) and this will take some time. Only people who minted a dog will be airdropped. Giveaway winners will not qualify for the airdrop. 

Finally, we want to announce a fun little contest. We were lucky enough to mint this rare zombie dog and we’re going to be giving it away. Anyone who mints a dog over the next 72 hours will be automatically entered to win this cute pup. There are only 49 zombie skins in the entire collection making it the second rarest next to the alien dog. We’ll randomly pick a transaction that happens over the next 72 hours and send this zombie dog to a random person’s address. Good luck everyone and have a great rest of your day! Contest ends on 2/6/2022 at 12 P.M. EST. The photo depicted below what the zombie dog we are giving away looks like.