How-to-Mint Guide

Step 1: Add Emerald Mainnet Network to your Metamask wallet.
Instructions can be found by clicking here.


Step 2: Get the Oasis Network Wallet extension from the Google Chrome store. Instructions can be found by clicking here.


Step 3: Once you have your Metamask wallet configured and your Oasis wallet extension set up, you need buy ROSE on an exchange. Binance and Kucoin are two exchanges that can be used. For a full list of exchanges that you can buy ROSE on, click here.


Step 4: Once you have purchased ROSE on an exchange, the next step will be to withdraw it from that exchange and send it to your OASIS WALLET EXTENSION. Inside your Oasis Wallet, click receive and copy your wallet address. Go to the exchange you will be sending ROSE from and send the ROSE to the wallet address that you just copied from your Oasis Wallet. NOTE: We ARE NOT responsible for lost funds due to an error on your end. We recommend sending a small test amount of ROSE first to confirm that you followed the steps correctly.


Step 5: Once you have ROSE in your Oasis Network Wallet, you will need to send ROSE from that wallet to your metamask wallet. In the bottom your Oasis Wallet, click the tab that says "Paratimes"


Once you click on "Paratimes" you will see an option that says "Emerald". Click the button that says "To Paratime".


Enter the amount of ROSE you would like to send in the box that says "Amount" and then copy and paste the wallet address from your Metamask wallet and paste it in the box that says "To" directly below the first box. Please make sure that your Metamask wallet says you're connected to Emerald Mainnet when copying and pasting your address. Note: We are not responsible for any lost funds due to not properly following instructions. We recommend sending a test amount of ROSE during this step to ensure that you followed all the steps correctly before sending a larger amount.


Step 5: Mint some Oasis Dogs. Connect your Metamask Wallet to our website and hit that mint button! Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of your own unique Oasis Dog!

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